Who are you? Why are you doing this?
I'm Ryan Estrada, and I frigging love comics.
But I'm going to level with you- buying comics online can be a pain in the butt. Most of the services out there are geared toward what's good for the middle man, not the customer. But luckily, I also make comics. And know a lot of others who do too.
So we spent most of the last year putting together an amazing collection of brand new books. And built a site to get them directly to you in the way that I would like to buy comics. Direct from the artists, at whatever price you think is fair, without having to register an account or download an app.
My dream is that if this takes off, I can start offering advances to awesome cartoonists so that they can focus on making the best comics they can. I can focus on making new graphic novels full time. And overall, the world will have a lot more great comics!

Who else is involved?
The first collection includes new graphic novels from Ryan Estrada (Flight: Volume 4), Box Brown (Everything Dies) and the English-language debut of Korean cartoonist Nam Dong Yoon.

We've got new stories written by Ryan North (Adventure Time, Dinosaur Comics), Meredith Gran (Marceline and the Scream Queens, Octopus Pie), Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Incredible Change-Bots), Malachai Nicolle (the 7 year old writer of Axe Cop) Katie Cook (Star Wars Comics, Fraggle Rock), Zach Weiner, KC Green, C. Spike Trotman, Audra Furuichi, Michael "Mookie" Terracciano, Anthony Clark, Shaenon Garrity, and Dorothy Gambrell

We have strips written by Don Hertzfeldt (the Oscar-nominated director of Rejected), Doug TenNapel (the creator of Earthworm Jim), David Malki ! (Wondermark, Machine of Death), David Hellman (the artist behind Braid), Nicholas Gurewitch, Erika Moen, Andrew Hussie, Rebecca Clements, Jessica Macleod, Gordon McAlpin, and Josh "The Comics Curmudgeon" Fruhlinger.

Why is it called The Whole Story?
Each book available from this site tells a complete, stand alone story. We're not gonna end our books with a cliffhanger and an ad for the next chapter.

How are the comics delivered?
You'll get instant access to DRM free, Retina resolution, downloadable PDFs or CBZs. (both as individual files, and as one big zip file if you want them all with one click)

Do I have to download right away?
Nope! You will get a permanant link, where you can download them any time, on any device, with just one click.

Can I see a sample before I buy?
Sure thing! Here's a preview PDF with a scene from each book!

Will these look good on my preferred device?
Take a look at the preview PDF and see what you think!

How do I pay?
We sell through Gumroad, a safe, secure and easy to use service that will process your order with any credit or debit card in just a few clicks. No account needed! You can also use PayPal, if you like!

$1+? Didn't you say name my own price?
The minimum sale through Gumroad is one dollar. So if you want to pay less than that, use PayPal. (of course, if you pay less than 30 cents, PayPal will just keep all the money)

Are there any rewards?
You can name whatever price you like, but to thank our extremely generous supporters, we offer rewards for bigger purchases!

If you name your price at $10 or more, you'll get access to bonus features! Audio commentaries, and bonus features books featuring behind the scenes info, earlier drafts, character designs and deleted scenes! You'll also get a gift link so that you can share your comics with a friend!

At $50 or more, you get all that, and you can share your gift link with ten friends!

And for $100, you will get all of that, PLUS a reward package delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! You will get an SD card with every one of our books, plus the complete Ryan Estrada Collection, which doubles your comics to over 1600 pages! You'll also get 10 pieces of original art from The Kind! Allow 4 weeks for delivery. ($200 upgrades you to 7 day delivery and bumps you up to 20 pieces of art)

Other secret reward packages have been scattered around the web…. on our twitter and on some of our artists' sites!

Do you accept submissions?
We sure do! Check out our submissions page!

How can I get in touch with you?
e-mail me at ryan@ryanestrada.com or hit up @whole_story on Twitter!